What is Child Enticement?

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Child enticement is a serious charge. If you or someone you know is facing child enticement charges, it is best to consult legal counsel immediately to mitigate any potential consequences.

Child Enticement Explained

Child enticement is conduct (including an attempt or conspiracy to commit conduct) that equates to criminal sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, abusive sexual contact, sexually explicit conduct or any other offense to a minor under the law. Federal or local law may be applied to a child enticement case depending on the specific circumstances. Many Internet cases involve an interplay between federal and state law because the Internet is partially governed by federal law.

An adult that persuades, solicits, coaxes, entices, or lures by words, actions or through communication on the Internet or any electronic communication, any minor for the purpose of engaging in sexual conduct may be found guilty of child enticement. 

The Internet has many advantages, but some of the disadvantages include the high exposure children now have to potential predators. Here are some important facts about child enticement charges:

  • Children can be victims even if the encounter was not in person. For example, inappropriate discussions on Internet chat rooms or game rooms can result in criminal charges.
  • Many times the act of solicitation is enough to find guilt even if the person on the other end of the communication was posing as a minor, such as an undercover cop.
  • Some jurisdictions impose a jail sentence of anywhere from five to thirty years for child enticement. Other penalties may also be imposed based on the facts of the case. A trier of fact (judge or jury) has discretion in imposing a sentence.

If you are engaging in questionable Internet conduct, it is important to be aware of the dire consequences that may result. It can feel like you are safe because no one can see you, but in reality, your actions are still governed by both state and federal law. Because computer interactions are fairly easy for law enforcement to monitor, you should be aware of the penalties involved in Internet crimes.

Getting Legal Advice

If you have been arrested and charged with child enticement, it is best to talk to an attorney about your case as early as possible. Getting the help of wise legal counsel can make a huge difference in your future. Your freedom and rights are at stake in the face of a criminal charge such as child enticement.