Wrongfully Accused of Rape: What to Do

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Falsely accusing men of a statutory rape has become very common these days for sorting out personal vendetta or conflicts. At times, men are also accused of rape out of mistaken identity. Such a false allegation can ruin a man’s life from all fronts of professional, psychological and societal setups. Being accused of a charge which you did not commit is something which can never be accepted. Legal system also does not want innocent people to be convicted of false allegations and hence it has set up certain legal privileges to defend your case. You should know the steps you can take when you or your close associate get accused of rape.

Seriousness of Accusation

Though you have not committed the crime, charges can be serious with severe consequences if you are not able to prove your innocence. This allegation will ruin your reputation and lifelong you may be distressed for these due to the loss of your dignity and current job; so act immediately.

Arrange for Your Expenses

You have to take the help of an attorney to get cleared of these false allegations. You may have to undergo DNA testing or special psychological tests in order to prove that the charges are wrong when no other defensive tactics are working in your favor. This means that you have to spend a lot; so arrange your finances to meet these expenses as otherwise you may suffer from serious legal ramifications.

Gather Evidence

Try to recollect your activities during the date and time of the alleged rape incident. If you had gone somewhere else then try and gather all possible evidence to show your presence in other activities during that time. You may also bring together the witnesses with whom you had spent time during that alleged incident.

While being Interrogated

During interrogation, the officer might try to get false statements by questioning you with twisted questions. You have all legal privileges to take the assistance of a competent attorney who can represent you in your case. Do not explain things in detail without your attorney as your statements can be used against you by the officers.

Getting Legal Help

Criminal charges can be mind boggling and knowing your legal rights as an accused can be difficult. This underlines the importance of getting assistance of a criminal attorney whom you can rely on. You can discuss and understand the basic rights and ways of tackling interrogation with their legal advice.