Getting Legal Help with an Internet Sex Crime Charge

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Internet sex crimes have become prevalent in this electronic age. Dealing with accusations that you were involved in such a crime can be humiliating. Whether or not you did anything that may have caused you to be a suspect, hiring an attorney to defend your rights is an essential first step when you are faced with Internet sex crime charges.

Internet Sex Crime Charges

There are a variety of crimes that can occur though use of the Internet. These crimes may be governed by both state and federal law because the Internet is an interstate instrumentality. Make sure you are aware of all the activities that are criminal within your jurisdiction. The following acts may be prosecuted as sex crimes depending on your jurisdictions criminal statutes:

  • Soliciting or agreeing to accept money in exchange for sexual services. This will likely lead to prostitution charges.
  • Possession of, dissemination of or sharing of child pornography. It is illegal to have in your possession images of children depicted in a sexual manner, even if it is on your computer.
  • Soliciting a minor on-line with the intention of engaging in sexual activity is considered child enticement in many jurisdictions.
  • Sending exposing pictures of yourself to a minor on-line or requesting similar of them can be a crime.

If you are accused of these or any other internet sex crimes, it is important to seek the assistance of an attorney who has experience handling sex crime cases. Sex crime cases are different because of the delicateness of the issues and the public humiliation attached at all stages. If your name is publicized during the criminal process, it can damage your reputation and cause problems with family, friends and employers. If you are convicted, you may face lifetime registry as a sex offender.

Getting Legal Advice

An attorney can help you if you have been accused or charges of an Internet sex crime. It is important to act quickly in defending yourself so that you can preserve evidence in your case and have a line of defense ready. If you are being charged or accused, it may be in your best interest to refrain from making any statements to the police that could incriminate you and jeopardize your case. An attorney will be able to advise you of the best way to handle the accusations against you.