When is Sex with a Minor a Crime?

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When an adult has sexual intercourse with a minor, it is never a good idea, and in most cases it is a crime.  In most scenarios, it is a crime even if the sex was consensual by both parties. A child cannot legally consent, in most cases, to have sex with an adult. The adult in the situation is expected to be more mature, and stop any indecent behavior from occurring.

Legal Charges Associated with Sex with a Minor

There are various different charges that can be filed against an adult for having a sexual relationship with a person under the age of 18 years old.  These charges can include, but are not limited to:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Statutory Rape
  • Molestation

Charges of this type should never be taken lightly as they can come with severe penalties if a person is convicted.

Consequences Associated with Conviction

The consequences associated with having sexual intercourse with a person or persons under the age of 18 can be extremely grave.  Some of these consequences can include:

  • A Prison term
  • A Long Period of Reporting Probation
  • Required Registration on Sex Offender Registry

In addition, the loss of specific privileges and/or rights can occur.  For example, if the guilty person is required to register as a sex offender, there are certain job positions they can no longer hold like:

  • Teacher
  • Bus driver
  • Child care provider

All of the possible penalties associated with having sex with a minor can have life-changing impact on the offender's life, both in the short and long run.

Building a Strong Case

If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime that revolves around having sex with a minor, seek the advice of a specialized attorney at once.  The quicker you do this, the better chance you have of beating the charge.  An attorney will need time to build a strong case, and time will often be of the essence.

There are several ways you can find an attorney to help you.  One of the most common ways is to look in your local phone listings and call and inquire.  Another way is to look on the internet for recommendations or web pages of attorneys in your area.  Finally, ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Talk to a Lawyer

A sex charge of any kind can change your life forever.  Do not sit idle and let that happen.  Contact an attorney to help you immediately.