Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Assault: What to Do

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Out of attention, jealousy or revenge, some people can accuse others of sexual assault. It has become really common to see false accusations made by vindictive family members, co-workers or boy friend or girl friend to sort out their personal feud. Getting accused of a charge which you have not committed will have same challenges a sexual offender faces. It will ruin your life from all fronts and so you should know the basic steps you have to take when you are being accused of a sexual assault

Step 1 – Realize the Problems Before You

The charges for sexual assault are serious and it can ruin your reputation in professional and personal life. Hence, understand the serious consequences of the accusation and take appropriate steps that would help you come out clear.

Step 2 – Take Legal Help

Find a good criminal defense lawyer who has a good track record dealing such cases. Confide in the lawyer and explain him/her the situations surrounding the false accusations (if any). Get required legal advice from the attorney on facing the interrogation.

Step 3 – Prepare Yourself Financially

In order to prove your ignorance and innocence of the alleged incident, you have to collect necessary evidence and gather witnesses. At times, you might not be able to collect such evidence, then going for proofs based on medical grounds will be the only way. Expensive tests like polygraph test, psychological test, or DNA test have to be done to prove that the charges are wrong. So, be prepared to meet the expenses during the process.

Step 4 – Recollect and List Them Down

Recollect and note down your activities during the time of the incident and note them down chronologically. This listing might help you to provide answer for certain doubts aroused during the trial. This can also help you in gathering necessary evidence and witnesses for your help.

Step 5 – Educate Yourself

You should find out the details regarding your charges and its consequences. You must be wary of the do and don’ts during the process of interrogation so that you do not get entangled by your own statements. Another general rule is that you should not contact the victim or their family and witnesses during the trail. You should be careful regarding this matter to avoid complications in your case.

Getting Legal Help

Your life may be ruined for no mistake of yours if you fail to prove your innocence. So you have to come out of these wrong charges of sexual assault with the help of a criminal defense lawyer, which otherwise might become a daunting task.