Wrongfully Accused of Sexual Battery

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A person who engages in sexual penetration with a mentally or physically helpless person or with another person without consent or with a child less than 14 years of age is guilty of a sexual battery. Sexual battery is a serious crime regarded as either first or second degree felony based on the circumstances of the incident. Criminal penalties for such a crime are severe and have long terms of incarceration. When accused of a sexual battery, you may be devastated but simply relying on your innocence is not enough. You should get legal help to prove your innocence to get out of these charges as having a fair trial in such cases is really difficult.

Know your Rights

You are guilty for the investigating team as long as you are proved innocent; so officers will try to implicate you in the case. Any sentence of yours can be used against you by twisting your words. Hence it is wise to remain silent until your attorney arrives as you have a right to remain silent in such cases.

Alleged Victim’s Call

Investigating officers may arrange for a recorded phone call from the alleged victim. They would train or instruct the alleged victim to ask few questions in order to eliminate defenses in your favor. Answering such phone call may land you in trouble as you are getting trapped unwittingly by giving proof as required by the investigating officers to incriminate you.

Beware of Search

Do not accept the polite requests of the officers to search your house and other personal belongings without a proper search warrant. You may be again entangled within the charges if you let them do so. Since the criminal laws and procedures prevent accused from having a fair trial, never allow such searches without having a consultation with your attorney.

Choose an Attorney

You will have to rely on your attorney to prove your innocence. As the trial proceedings are complicated in the false acquisitions, you have to hire an attorney who has a good knowledge of the legal procedures, scientific methods of evidence and about the county.

Getting Legal Help

Whenever you are wrongfully accused of criminal charge, you have to hire a criminal defense lawyer specialized in your case to defend you. Such lawyers can build your defense by investigating the case and building up the witness in your defense.